Welcome to Manatee County Caregiver Forum

There are few challenges in life more difficult and rewarding than providing care for a loved one. The Manatee County Caregiver Forum has been established to recognize and celebrate caregivers and promote self care through motivational and inspirational speakers, provide education and practical tips in varied areas of care giving and attempt to define services available to the caregiver as we unravel the mysteries surrounding the current web of service delivery.

The Manatee County Caregiver Forum holds an annual event called the Circle of Care. The focus of this event is to provide caregivers with valuable information regarding community resources while also providing relief from their daily responsibilities to help them continue their important role as a caregiver. If you are helping a loved one, this forum is specifically designed to provide you with support, information and tools to best assist your care recipient and keep you in a healthy state of being.

Event Information

The 10th Annual Circle of Care is scheduled for November 8th, 2018 at the Water's Edge of Bradenton in Bradenton.

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